Covenant of Mayors, making a commitment to local sustainable energy

EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan

Aim of the project

The Covenant of Mayors is a major EU initiative involving local authorities in the fight against climate change. It commits signatory cities to go beyond the targets of the EU Climate Action and Renewable Energy Package: By joining the Covenant of Mayors initiative, cities make a voluntary commitment to cut their CO2 emissions by more than 20% by 2020. 

These ambitious targets shall be achieved through enhanced energy efficiency, as well as cleaner energy production and use. In order to justify their ambitions, cities must submit a sustainable energy action plan within a year of signing. This plan will be closely monitored by the European Commission. Cities that fail to honor their commitment will not be allowed to continue their participation in the initiative

A Covenant of Mayors Office, involving five major city networks and PRACSIS, has been set up as the core element of the initiative. Funded through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, the Office ensures coordination, promotion, networking opportunities and technical support for the different actors of the Covenant.

Solutions provided by PRACSIS

PRACSIS acts as the professional communication partner of the Secretariat, ensuring the corporate identity and branding of the Covenant initiative, and provides leadership of the Media desk operation. Concretely, PRACSIS is responsible for:

  • Corporate Identity: PRACSIS has created the logo for the Covenant of Mayors initiative, and established guidelines for its use as well as various promotional toolboxes for the different actors involved. The strong identity of the Covenant of Mayors is an important contribution to increasing its visibility, and to generating participation in the initiative as well as general support and awareness among the wider public.
  • Promotional Tools: Promotional material such as the Covenant of Mayors brochure, electronic newsletters, catalogues, pull-out stands, banners and flash animation are developed by PRACSIS (including concept, graphic design, drafting and printing).
  • Website: PRACSIS has created an attractive and dynamic web portal for the Covenant of Mayors, making it the principal means of promotion and communication for the initiative. The clear and user-friendly layout of the website is in compliance with the Europa structure and gives easy access to a wide range of information designated for local authorities, the media and the general public.
  • Media Relations: Being responsible for the Media desk of the Covenant of Mayors, PRACSIS is in charge of organising media relations in the framework of the annual event, updating press information on the website and sending e-news to selected journalists on a regular basis. In the framework of the Covenant, PRACSIS continues to develop a close relationships with pan-European, specialised and general media, as well as monitoring the overall press impact of the initiative.

Project Details

European Commission, DG ENERGY

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