PRACSIS puts its expanded suite of video production services to the test in Barcelona

pracsis-news-inspire-07102016PRACSIS was in Barcelona last week for the European Commission’s annual INSPIRE conference, which it organised in cooperation with the Joint Research Centre and the Geological and Cartographic Institute of Catalonia. The INSPIRE programme, based on a 2007 EU directive, helps centralize the complex and fragmented world of geospatial data collection.

Pracsis was responsible for all audio-visual services on site, stage direction during the plenary sessions, and producing video recordings of 90 individual sessions—nearly 150 hours of footage. The recordings relied on both single and multi-camera production spread across multiple rooms of the venue.

After editing, the videos will be published online for those who were unable to attend the conference in person, or for attendees that had to choose between the many concurrent sessions. PRACSIS is handling the post-processing and chapterization of the recordings to ensure easy online navigation later.

Preserving conferences through video recording increases the amount of time that people—attendees and new online viewers alike—spend with content. On location recording is a great way to maximize the impact of such busy, complex events, and take advantage of the unique concentration of brainpower and expertise that conferences provide.