PRACSIS interviews Jerzy BUZEK @ the European Parliament

interviewLast week in Brussels, PRACSIS interviewed Jerzy Buzek, former Prime Minister of Poland and President of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2012. The reason is Kisielice, a town of 2000 inhabitants in northern Poland which recently made some headlines with its remarkable renewable energy project. Kisielice has been rewarded with the 2014 ManagEnergy Award, a European Commission scheme recognising the Polish community as an outstanding example of sustainable energy action at the local level.

Very proud of Kisielice receiving such a prestigious award, Mr. Buzek praises the great progress made by frontrunner communities in Poland such as Kisielice, whose success is now recognised across the EU.

The shoot with Mr. Buzek at the European Parliament is part of a video production offered by ManagEnergy. PRACSIS crew travelled to Kisielice to film its wind farms and biomass plants and conducted interviews with local representatives including Kisielice’ mayor. PRACSIS counted on the support of BRIDGE, our partnering agency in Poland and member of the EURACSIS network. The final video will soon be available on ManagEnergy’s website and promoted via specialised portals and social media platforms.

PRACSIS is running ManagEnergy since 2009, developing its communication plan, editorials, website and awards scheme.

Read Kisielice’s project story One town’s bold strategy for energy independence.

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