Pracsis expands its digital services to meet challenges of the pandemic

Pracsis had to adjust quickly to COVID-19 confinement measures. And as an events company, this came as a particular challenge. Almost overnight, Pracsis had to retool its operations to continue delivering quality event services to its clients. Bidding adieu to physical gatherings, the team worked incredibly hard to research, train, and transition to online video conferencing.

This wasn’t quite as daunting a task for Pracsis as it might have been for other companies, since Pracsis already had extensive experience with live web streaming, video conferencing, and other digital audience collaboration tools. Still, the scale of delivery was unprecedented: many service contracts for meetings—both large and small—had to be moved online. This included:

  • Around 30 medium-sized meetings for Coordinated Activities for the Safety of Products (CASP) plus one “hybrid” style closing event where a small panel of speakers met at safe physical distance while other speakers and the audience joined remotely.
  • For EURAXESS Worldwide, Pracsis gave technical training and admin support for video conferencing to its partners on five continents. With the company’s help, these partners, who are responsible for supporting scientific research collaboration around the world, organized nearly 100 meetings and webinars.
  • For the Southeast Asia Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk, dozens of webinars were held.
  • SEI Forums organized more webinars and moved four national round tables online (with simultaneous interpretation) which were meant to be held in Helsinki, Prague, Budapest, and Zagreb.
  • A newly acquired contract with the European Committee of the Regions, saw two of our largest online events, in terms of attendance. One was the EuropCom 2020 conference in June, with 700 attendees and 15 panelists. Another 37 video conferences are planned in October 2020 for EU Regions Week.

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