International IP Stakeholders Meeting

On 27 March, Pracsis organized the International IP Stakeholders Meeting in Brussels for the European Commission to discuss critical intellectual property issues facing EU SMEs doing business in foreign countries. Supporting these SMEs and ensuring that their IP is protected when they operate internationally is crucial for the EU’s economy.

The event gathered business associations, chambers of commerce and other SME intermediaries. Participants learned about the resources available to SMEs through the Southeast Asia, China, Latin-America IP SME Helpdesks, as well as the European IP Helpdesk.

The event featured case studies from companies, presenting real examples of SMEs that have experienced IP-related challenges when opening up to new markets. Stakeholders heard from inspiring entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the IP journey.

Pracsis manages the Southeast Asia IP Helpdesk, which offers comprehensive advice and services to SMEs preparing to branch out into the region or those already there. Staff from PRACSIS’s offices in Brussels and Ho Chi Minh City work with and a network of IP experts across SE Asia to provide free support to European chambers of commerce, European trade associations, and other European SME business/entrepreneurship networks and incubators, both in Europe and South-East Asia.

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