Social Media

Social Media

New communications trends and digital strategies are not a secret for PRACSIS. Social media is a powerful tool which allows any brand, product or service to convey messages to a large and targeted audience with just a click—or, let’s say, just the right hashtag. Well-designed digital marketing can strengthen the image of a company, association or public-funded programme and bring added value to any service, product or campaign: that is what PRACSIS can do for you.

Choosing the right platform

What are the differences between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube? Where to be present and why opening an account in one and not the other? PRACSIS evaluates the most appropriate platform in accordance with your goals and target audience.

What to talk about

A varied and accurate set of topics, distributed in a structured timeline is essential to your success in the digital world. Engaging content is key to get your voice heard. From self-generating content actions to opinion editorials, PRACSIS puts at your disposal its expertise in EU affairs.

Building alliances and engagement

Get to know your audience by creating alliances with major influencers. But who are they? PRACSIS identifies contacts and engages with those who share your views and are ready to spread your message.