‘Tis the Season

Seasons - Avant PremièrePracsis literally rolled out the red carpet this month for the avant-première of Jacques Perrin’s latest nature documentary Les Saisons. The screening, which was held at the Cinéma Les Galeries in Brussels on 2 December, was attended by Perrin himself and many high-level EU officials including Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for Environment and Giovanni La Via, Chairman of the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee.

Pracsis pulled out all the stops to produce an event befitting of such artistic and political distinction.  This meant organizing everything under the sun: VIP invitation, posters and decoration, theatre management, setup and dismantling (yes, including the red carpet), catering, and high-level security—remember, we’re talking about Brussels here!

The screening was followed by a cocktail reception in an adjoining subterranean gallery beneath the city’s streets where Pracsis installed a series of photographs taken during the film’s production depicting the animals and the film crew’s interaction with them. The setting produced a cozy and elegant atmosphere for people to mingle and schmooze while enjoying their drinks and hors-d’oeuvres.

Produced with the support of EU funding, Les Saisons is a strong argument for continued public endowment of the arts: fans of the Perrin’s earlier directorial work, which includes Winged Migration and Oceans, will be familiar with the visual splendor in which he depicts nature and wildlife.

The official premiere of the movie is planned for January 2016. Good luck to the organizers of that one!