Pracsis supports second all digital #EURegionsWeek

In October, Pracsis helped organize and run—for the second time—the EU Week of Regions. This was the 19th edition of the Committee of the Regions’ flagship event and the second time that it was held entirely online, due to the pandemic.

Pracsis planned and facilitated 56 virtual sessions that took place over just four days! That meant a lot of events run in parallel, each packed with their own interactive features and media: breakout rooms, language interpretation, slideshows, videos, and live polling.

Over 1500 people participated in Pracsis’s 56 sessions. They included European, national, regional and local government officials and politicians; representatives of private companies, financial institutions and European and national associations; academics, researchers; plus other members of the public that wanted their voices heard.

The Committee of the Regions has another multi-session online conference coming up in November, EuroPCom 2021, “the largest annual meeting point for experts in the field of public communication.” This year, Pracsis built the registration platform for the event—sign up by clicking the link below!

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