PRACSIS continues event support for energy efficiency financing in Spain

On 25 April, PRACSIS organised its eighth event for Sustainable Energy Investment Forums, the European Commission programme that aims to boost financing for energy efficiency in EU member states.

Organised in partnership with the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO) and the UN Environment Finance Initiative, the event was a follow up to the June 2017 public conference held in Madrid as part of Sustainable Energy Investment Forums.

The objective of this event—a handpicked national roundtable—was to reinforce dialogue on energy efficiency finance with key stakeholders in Spain in order to identify common objectives and potential improvements to the policy framework within the country. Working sessions were devoted to European Structural and Investment Funds, Renovation of Multi-family Apartment Blocks, and On-tax financing for home renovation.

The event took place in Madrid at the headquarters of ICO. PRACSIS was responsible for all practical organisation and logistics for the event, which gathered Spanish project developers, public authorities, banks, and other players from the finance sector interested in energy efficiency investment.