Pracsis and EY continue support for product safety testing in Europe

Since the spring of 2019, Pracsis together with EY, has been helping run a Commission initiative on product safety called CASP. CASP stands for Coordinated Activities for the Safety of Products. The purpose of the initiative is to enable cooperation between authorities in EU and EEA countries responsible for market surveillance and the safety of products.  

Pracsis organises meetings between these market surveillance authorities (MSAs) as well as actual product testing (sampled by the MSAs) conducted by recognized laboratories around Europe. Pracsis is also responsible for communicating the results of the project with the assistance of its Euracsis network.

Products tested over the first two years include soft-filled toys, slime toys, electric scooters, and chargers.

The second phase of the project started in January 2020 and runs until mid-2021. As before, market surveillance authorities have been invited to select the most relevant product categories and have agreed to work on them together.

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