CEO Roundtables on Energy Supply & Pricing

unnamedWith the help of PRACSIS South East Asia, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) are organising a high-level event on energy supply and pricing policy in Vietnam. Three sessions will be held on 16 January in Ho Chi Minh City and on 20 January in Hanoi.

The overall objectives are to get opinions and recommendations on the effects of energy pricing and energy security on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) decisions in Vietnam, to follow up in the field of high-level policy through inter-ministerial dialogues, and to get the foreign business community involved.

The events will bring together senior executives from major international corporations with business operations in Vietnam. In addition, there will be a networking lunch in Hanoi, designed to welcome a wider range of stakeholders, international experts, trade representatives and Vietnamese government officials.

To maintain the path of Vietnam’s socio-economic development and high growth rates, the country is confronting major energy challenges in the short- and medium-term: power generation capacity, increased dependence on imports, and increased greenhouse gas emissions. The country’s aggregate energy demand is predicted to reach 167 million tons of oil by 2030, well beyond its production capacity.

For more information, please get in touch with PRACSIS South East Asia Office.