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EU Commissioner for Environment Karmenu Vella stars at Eco-innovation Forum in Lyon

Karmelu VellaThe 17th European Forum on Eco-innovation explored the dynamics of green jobs creation. More than 150 experts debated the potential of circular economy to drive businesses’ competitiveness and create employment. Read More…

PRACSIS designs a perfect outfit for DG Environment’s visit to Sydney

IUNC World Congress SydneySydney will welcome the IUCN World Parks Congress next 12-19 November. IUCN stands for International Union for Conservation of Nature. This event is a landmark global forum on protected areas at which PRACSIS will ensure that DG Environment is properly and perfectly represented.

The upcoming edition will take the theme of Parks, People, Planet – Inspiring Solutions. The Congress will share knowledge and innovation for conservation and development of natural parks and protected areas, looking at governance, sustainable finance, capacity development, social equity and solutions to tackle the challenges linked to climate change.

With around 300 national parks, the European Union has its experiences to share. PRACSIS will design and set up a stand to present DG Environment’s programme Natura 2000 and the EU nature and biodiversity policy.

With a premium experience as professional congress organiser, PRACSIS is working to dress DG Environment’s booth with a perfect outfit.   PRACSIS will use eco-friendly materials and design an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for visitors. The stand will be decorated with large pictures, screens showing movies and multimedia materials. Visitors will also enjoy the soothing sounds of birdsong. It will include bespoke material, advertising the approaches and achievements of the European Commission’s policies on nature and biodiversity. The stand will have a flipchart for making on-the-spot announcements and computers for visitors to explore the Nature 2000 website and participate in interactive chats.

PRACSIS will also take care of organising a lunch and evening event dedicated to Natura 2000 as well as recruiting bilingual staff with perfect Spanish and English to welcome visitors. If you are around come and get inspired by Europe’s successes in nature conservation and biodiversity. See you in Sydney!

Click here to access IUCN World Parks Congress website

Lyon makes it the 17th edition

EcoAP LyonSeventeen editions of DG Environment’s Eco-innovation forum have consolidated this event as a top reference in the field of green tech in Europe. A big part of this success is thanks to the forum’s format, designed by PRACSIS and which combines high level keynote speakers, technical expertise, case studies presentations and B2B interactive sessions which leverage partnerships and joint business ventures.

Lyon will certainly not be different.The topic of the upcoming edition is circular economy and its potential to create jobs and tackle unemployment rates in the European Union. The Forum will thus examine employment opportunities and challenges arising from the transition to a green and circular economy. These will be presented through the lens of the stakeholders: worker associations, businesses, citizens and city authorities. The event will also identify and showcase eco-innovative solutions that can facilitate upskilling for green jobs and the greening of the labour market. It will take place at the eve of POLLUTEC 2014 (2 to 5 December) the 26th international exhibition of environmental equipment’s, technologies and services.

The Forum will be accompanied by a special event: the Ceremony of the European Business Awards for the Environment.Participants are also invited to attend the walking tours among chosen exhibitors and to participate to the B2B meetings at the Green Days.

To register click on the link below. Please use theloginecoap’ and passwordlyon’.

Register to the The 17th European Forum on Eco-innovation

A renewed, environmentally-friendly and job creating economy: Green Week shows the way

Green Week 2014Europe is currently facing two major and rather recurrent challenges. The first one is employment. High unemployment rates keep coming back in Europe following cyclic dynamics, a concern with dramatic social consequences. The second is a world-wide one: global warming and the deterioration of the environment.  Due to the world’s scarcity of resources, existing consumption patterns cannot be sustained. There is thus an urgent need to rethink the way we produce and we consume, taking into consideration resource efficiency but also waste reduction, recycling, and the reuse of materials. Circular economy reunites these two aspects: it tackles the environmental question and opens the way to job creation.

PRACSIS has been organising the Green Week for the past 4 years, designing its visual identity and creating its website, branding a 3500m2 venue and coordinating all logistical and technical aspects, including registration, catering and supporting staff.

Over 45 sessions in three days took place in Brussels last 3-5 June 2014. Debates turned around the development of appropriate policy frameworks to boost circular economy models, waste management targets and practical cases and EMAS, the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme developed by the European Commission for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report, and improve their environmental performance. Other topics were investment, business and job creation opportunities of the circular economy, amongst others.

Speakers were top-level representatives from private companies, academics, ministries, regional governments, international organisations including EU, UN, EIB, OECD, industry associations, think tanks and global NGO’s. With 4500 registered participants, Green Week 2014 had an outstanding turnout with fully booked sessions leading to inspiring and stimulating debates.

Green Week 2014 did not only take place in Brussels. Over 37.000 people participated in one of the 59 satellite events in 16 countries that were held across Europe in May and June. PRACSIS project managers also took care of the trans-European promotion and recruitment of satellite events, increasing its number by 47.5% from the previous year.

PRACSIS & Richard Rubbish of The Awakeners go on tour this summer

generation-awakeAt first glance ‘waste is not waste’ might sound like a contradiction in terms. But it’s definitely not. To explain: For many years—since the 1950s when the American consumption model began spreading to the rest of the world—consumers’ habits have been guided by a fever of always getting more, better and newer.  Planned obsolescence in industrial design has also played a major role in building our society’s consumption patterns. However, we can’t go on and on with such a model, especially because it is incompatible with a world of resource scarcity.

To compel change in consumption habits, the European Commission launched the Generation Awake campaign in 2011. Generation Awake invites consumers to think and consume differently. Resource efficiency is the main theme of the campaign with 2014 focusing on better waste management. Recycle, reuse and reduce are the three key words to remember. But you still might be wondering: who are the Awakeners then? Well, they are the characters created to spread the message!

Richard Rubbish of the Awakeners will be campaigning across Europe this summer. The goal is to convince people that waste is actually not waste, but a resource. Traditionally, waste has been seen as a source of pollution. But well managed waste can be a valuable source of materials. The best option is to stop creating and reduce waste. When that isn’t possible, other good choices are reuse and recycling.

Richard’s summer campaign will stop in many places in Europe to raise awareness and engage citizens in reducing, recycling and reusing waste. In July, Richard will visit Marseille (France), Mamaia (Romania), Split (Croatia) and Cascais (Portugal). In August, the beaches of Caorle (Italy), Nessebar (Bulgaria) and Oropos (Greece) will see Richard and its campaign displays together with PRACSIS team members, in charge of all the logistics and tour coordination.  The EURACSIS network is once again proving its value: PRACSIS partnering agencies have provided great support in logistics, staff recruitment and translation of the tour’s exhibition stands. We thus like to thank Propaganda (Romania), Imago (Croatia/Slovenia), BMS (Portugal),Cooperate (Italy), Media Basket (Bulgaria) and AGERANO (Greece).

So now you know if you see a rubbish can walking and chatting on the beach, it’s not because you’ve had too much sun or too many mojitos—though that might be the case—it’s just Richard, Richard Rubbish!