Seoul mates

seoul-matesBusiness representatives from the EU, South Korea and other countries met in October 2015 at a business-to-business matchmaking event organized by Pracsis in Seoul. The event, organised as part of the 19th Eco-innovation Forum, was held at the Korea Eco-Expo. Participants were from companies and organizations that produce, install or market green products and materials.

Here’s a taste of what went on:

  • A German green detergent manufacturer met with a small self-care products boutique based in Seoul. The Korean’s soap making techniques were novel enough to the German company rep that he will inform his developers and consider where the Korean products might fit into their existing portfolio.
  • The same German producer met with a Korean facility management company. Their discussion resulted in the possibility of exclusive distribution of the German detergent products by the Korean company.
  • A Czech business development agency met with a pollution treatment research center interested in finding partners in Europe. The Czech representative suggested potential research organizations that could conduct mutual R+D for commercialization in the EU and will put them in touch with each other.
  • An Indian manufacturer of green core chemicals met with a maker of machines used in the production of a green concrete substitute that uses Sulphur, a polluting byproduct of the petroleum industry. The Indian representative agreed to pass on information to partners in India dealing with excess Sulphur issues.
  • A European Enterprise Network representative met with a Korean chemical producers looking for an industrial partner in Germany.

These are just a few examples of successful business exchanges that went on. Pracsis hopes to continue its work enabling exchange between European and Asian business actors through events of this kind.