Communication Strategy

The network with a common approach and with emphasis on national and regional dimensions.

EURACSIS is a European network composed of prominent PCOs (Professional Congress Organisers) and communication agencies, whose overall purpose is to support the integration of communication and conferences services across the European Union. EURACSIS provides:

  • 300 experienced and committed communications specialists who can advise and lead you through the most complex pan-European projects
  • A one-stop shop with a harmonized quality of service and consistency that caters to every type of cross-border activity
  • The capacity to roll out a project on a European scale, as well as the flexibility and regional, and national insight that an office in a target country or countries can bring to your project
  • A network managed by PRACSIS, the Brussels-based PCO and communication agency with an excellent knowledge of EU affairs and issues as a result of its 15 years of working with European institutions.


PRACSIS is an officially recognized and registered company for the following UN agencies:

  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
  • IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)
  • ILO (International Labour Organization)
  • ITC (International Trade Centre)
  • UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)
  • UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)
  • UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development organization)
  • UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services)
  • UNPF (United Nations Population Fund)
  • UNRA (United Nations Refugee Agency)
  • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)




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