Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

Developing a strategy is key to successful communication. We focus specifically upon your objectives and target groups and develop tailor-made services and products that will carry your messages directly to your intended audience. Our methodology is simple, but effective, based upon three key questions:

1. Who is your target audience?

An exhaustive appraisal of your primary target audience takes time and always requires careful analysis. Moreover, you will often discover that there are a number of secondary target groups that you wish to reach with your key messages. We will assist you in identifying all targets relevant to your project and provide clear recommendations on how to best approach them.

2. What are your objectives for these target audiences?

Now that you have defined who you want to reach, we will listen to exactly what it is you want to achieve, be it communicating a particular message, improving your image or facilitating a change in behaviour of each of these target audiences.

3. Which communication tools will best enable you to achieve these objectives?

Drawing upon our experience, we will then make recommendations on the most effective actions for reaching your objectives.

We will also provide you with performance indicators so that you can clearly assess the effectiveness of the activities you undertake.